Problem with XVID-movies on Pioneer DV-470

I have scratched my head quite a lot after I purchased this player, because of the lousy
playback of some XVID movies. The image appeared “jumpy” and it was really uncomfortable to watch

After a lot of googling around the symptoms, I finally figured out what the problem was. Not the disks. Not the TV.
The problem is the image processing device on the player, which handles a parameter in XVID encoding lousy: Packed Bit stream.

All movies encoded with “Packed Bit stream” enabled, has the same problem. To fix the problem you have to “unpack” the movies
using an application called UnpackCL.exe which is a .NET application which you can run with the mono package on Linux. You can download UnpackCL.exe here. If you are a Windows user, check this site out.

This how-to explains how you fix your movie with your Linux machine (in my case, Debian).




Download this zip-file into /usr/src or something and unzip it. I just copied the .exe-file into /usr/local/bin


bash# su
bash# apt-get update
bash# apt-get install mono
bash# exit


In order to unpack your movies you have to do this:

bash# mono UnpackCL.exe -i xvidmovie.avi xvidmovie_converted.avi

Batch convert many movies

Place your movies in an empty directory and run this command:

for i in `ls`; do mono UnpackCL.exe $i converted_$i; done

A lot of this information was found a in this forum (copy of forum in PDF)

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